Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank you, Random House, Inc!

We announced this amazing gift from Random House, Inc. on our Facebook page earlier, but want to dedicate a special post to our friends there who have blessed us beyond what we could have asked for.  Random House, Inc. generously donated complete book sets of more than 20 titles to the English classes and libraries at Ringgold High School and Ringgold Middle School. 

Mark Pierce, head of the English Department at RHS had this to say when he heard the news, "I still cannot process this amazing gift to our department and to our students. I, too, am 'overwhelmed.' I literally have tears in my eyes." 

Ringgold Reads cannot thank Random House, Inc. enough for their generous donation and their support of our efforts to restock the books lost in the tornados.  We also hope that their generosity will inspire others to give in whatever ways they can.  Check out our How to Help page to see how you can participate in putting books in the hands of students who desperately need them.  Thank you Random House, Inc. for setting an amazing example of caring about this community and the importance of literature in the classroom!

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  1. I LOVE this!

    Random House is a great company for doing this and more should follow in their footsteps. RH fan for life right here.