Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meet the Steins

From left to right: Dianne Hale, RHS guidance counselor, Eileen Stein, Sam Stein, Sharon Vaughn, RHS principal.

Watching the news footage from her Virginia home, Eileen Stein felt compelled to do something significant to help Ringgold High School which was damaged in the tornadoes back in April. She wanted to "put a face with the story" and "to help RHS students rebuild their lives and school."

Armed with a desire to make a difference, she decided to take action and make the trek down South. Mark Pierce, RHS English department head, met with Stein and her 16 year old son in Ringgold for a quick tour of the damage and the rebuilding efforts. The principal of RHS, Sharon Vaughn, was able to meet with the Steins for a briefing and for a photo. "The generosity from people like the Steins has been a constant source of encouragement for all of us at RHS. We really could not have made it through this without the magnanimous outpouring of kindness and support."

The RHS English department was thrilled with the contribution from the Stein family as it will help to continue the efforts and the vision of Ringgold Reads which is to provide and to replace books for RHS and RMS. "Meeting the Stein family was a pleasure and an honor. The genuine concern and heartfelt empathy expressed by Mrs. Stein was moving and inspiring," says Mark Pierce. "Mrs. Stein's generous donation, combined with Random House, Inc., Communities in Schools, and many other donors, is certainly making a huge impact in the lives of our students."

Random House author Susan Gregg Gilmore who is the founder of Ringgold Reads was equally delighted to hear of the recent contribution from Mrs. Stein and she expressed her sincere gratitude for the donation. New books and novels continue to arrive daily and school is set to begin on September 6.

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